Sample Daily Schedule – Preschool

8:45am – Getting Settled, students hang up backpacks, put snacks away, and wash hands.  Parent signs child in.


8:50am – Play Time, students have a diverse selection of activities such as painting, pretend play, dress up, play-doh, building blocks, etc.


9:30am – Morning Meeting, students work hard singing, dancing, playing group games and listening to stories to learn numbers, letters, colors, shapes, days of the week, and God through our Godly Play curriculum.


10:00am – Snack, wash hands, get out snack, pray, eat and socialize.


10:30am – Outdoor Time, go on nature walks, plant seeds in the children’s garden, play on the playground or sand box, or observe the wild bunnies in our meadow.


11:00am – Short Circle Time, listen to a story, sing a song, or watch a teacher do a demonstration.


11:15am – Exploration & Science, students are split into two groups.  One group does hands on science experiments while the other group does inquiry and investigation through focused play.  Activities offered include using a microscope to look at bug parts, observe animal x-rays at the light table, create a masterpiece at the art center, build a castle in the engineering corner, or play musical instruments.


11:45am – Our Morning Ends, we tidy up, gather belongings, line up and walk to the church where we hold hands in a circle and sing our goodbye song to the parents.  Everyone is dismissed.