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On Thursday, August 11th a luncheon was held for teachers and staff of our CTV Lutheran School to celebrate the coming year. The lunch was hosted by the CTV School Board.


Pictured from left to right are: Liliane Rahbani, Board Member; Seanna Bloemer, CTVLS Director; Kris Morris, Pastor; Mary Paselk, Preschool Teacher; Kris Huiard, Preschool Teacher; Kellyann Giorgi, Preschool Teacher; Karyn Giorgi, Preschool Teacher; Erica Maestas, Preschool Teacher; Kim Bell, Kindergarten Teacher, and Rich Beals, Board Chair. (Not pictured are Saundra Rassi, Board Member; Diane Mather, Board Member; and Tori Smith, Preschool Teacher.)