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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

We believe that your child is a unique creation of God, who arrives with a natural curiosity about and an innate sense of the presence of God.  Our desire is to nurture and encourage that sense of wonder, and communicate the love of God.  We do this by staying close to Him each day through prayer and song –  observing His creation through nature study and storytelling.

The story of our redemption through our Savior, Jesus Christ, is woven throughout a variety of weekly spiritual lessons.  Special times of the church year are highlighted; Advent helps us to prepare for the mystery of Christmas and Lent prepares us for the profound meaning of Easter.

The 4-year-olds in Pre-K participate in a monthly chapel service in the church sanctuary.  They sing songs and hear stories with a biblical theme, sometimes through a puppet show! The also take turns serving as acolytes, lighting the candles.  

“Children have a need for the complete and perfect love of God - whose gaze is unfailing; who sees all and never withdraws; who accepts everything about us both good and bad and loves us anyway…” Jerome Berryman, founder of Godly Play